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Al Stewart: Links

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Dave Nachmanoff

Al's current guitarist and frequent opening act.

Laurence Juber

Producer of recent studio albums, studio and sometimes road guitarist.

Peter White

Former guitarist for Al, now with a solo career in smooth jazz.

Stuart Elliott

Former drummer for Al Stewart.

Robert Alpert
Dave Camp
Tim Renwick
Gabby Young & Other Animals
Marc Macisso
John Mahon

Unofficial Fan Discussion Groups


Interested in an online community of Al Stewart Fans? Want to talk to Al fans about everything from "Josephine Baker" to the price of rice in China? Join the ASML. Contact Susan at for information.


There is another community of Al Stewart Fans called Al Stewart Friends. This group has a slightly different "feel' than the ASML does. Contact Rosemarie at for information.

Other Links

Al Stewart German Fan Site
Al Stewart Japan Fan Site
Al Stewart Holland Fan Site